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Marthe Wiggers for L’Officiel Paris April 2013 by Stefan Zschernitz

March 26, 2013

Marthe-Wiggers-Stefan-Zschernitz4-730x945 Marthe-Wiggers-Stefan-Zschernitz7-730x945 Marthe-Wiggers-Stefan-Zschernitz9-730x940 Marthe-Wiggers-Stefan-Zschernitz10-730x945 Marthe-Wiggers-Stefan-Zschernitz13-730x945 Marthe-Wiggers-Stefan-Zschernitz51-730x945 Marthe-Wiggers-Stefan-Zschernitz61-730x945 Marthe-Wiggers-Stefan-Zschernitz81-730x945 Marthe-Wiggers-Stefan-Zschernitz111-730x962 Marthe-Wiggers-Stefan-Zschernitz121-730x945


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